1 in 5

people will develop a mental health illness


people's mental

health worsened

during lockdown

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all felt our worlds grow smaller and our normal ways of life disrupted. With the usual support mechanisms falling away, wellbeing became more important than ever before and we are on a mission to encourage ripples of change for mental health.


As the world’s toughest race, rowing the Atlantic combines a test of physical endurance with the need for mental strength. To us, it is the culmination of a two year journey to the start line. From opening up dialogues and bringing people together, we hope to raise awareness, challenge stigmas and ultimately inspire others on their own journeys.


This is not just a three person row, it is an opportunity to learn and engage with others. We champion people-power and believe that through the ripple effect we can start an outward movement for better mental health, for everyone.